What is API in SMM panel?

Using an SMM Panel Always confuse peoples that why is that API page there to know about that first we need to know about the work of API not only in SMM Panel but API get used in most of programs or projects let us clear you about the word API
The word API refers to the application program interface. In simple words, API is an interface between two programs that work on the system message and response.
To understand this, just take a general life example you opened a shop, and all your products are get bought from 3rd party vendor, and a middle man also works between your store and that third party vendor who takes the product from there and deliver to you that middle man is an interface or in other words api between two programs.
Work of API in SMM Panels:
As we all know that SMM panel is an online reselling Platform to resell SMM Services like instagram followers, likes, comments, views, etc., SMM panel dont generate all services from own it gets connected to a different SMM Panel through API, and that third party SMM panel have bot software which generates these services.
Suppose you ordered 100 instagram followers on a site with a charge of $1. That order gets delivered to a third-party site at the lower price, and when its completed through the third-party smm panel, it shows you completed in the first panel. This all process gets taken place through api.
API URL is a url where all the responses and messages from a site is written or take place.
API Key:
It is a unique phrase used to connect your site to an account of a different site. Each account has a different api key that only refers to his account only.
How can I use that api page:
If you have an SMM panel, ofcourse, that API you can use, but if you dont have a website, there is no use of it for you that is only used to integrate two sides.

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